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Local Government Management

In addition to accounting, small local governments need a specialized set of applications to help manage operations.  All of Amiga's speciality applications are seamlessly integrated back into our core accounting suite.

Property Taxation

Our property tax product is seamlessly integrated in eTax BC for Homeowner Grants and Property Tax Deferments.  Records from BC Assessment Authority are easy to import and update with minimal effort

HR / Payroll

Fully compliant payroll with capabilities for electronic timesheets, employee self service and advanced reporting capabilities ensure that your biggest expense is well managed, and your employees are well served.  Robust reporting and drill down capabilities also mean that you have all the HR related you need at your fingertips.

Work Order Management

Work order management allows tracking of expenditures and cost recovery from all sources, including cross department billing.  With full integration to payroll and purchase orders, the information you need to track expenditures is at your fingertips

Business Licenses

Full support of different license types, including multi-community licenses.  Flexible fee structures and automated recurring billing makes license administration simple.  Business owners can also serve themselves with full integration to our Citizen Service Cloud

Building Permits

Our building permits module is fully integrated to property taxes. Robust reporting for monthly council meetings and Statistics Canada reports allows your team to focus on development activities, not administration

Utility Billing

Utility billing is a highly flexible module for water, waste management, recycling and sewer.  We support many rate types (e.g. tiered rates, flat rates, graduated rates, backlog device billing), as well as integration to 3rd party meter reading systems 

Capital Asset Management

Capital management extends our capital assets software for multi-year asset planning and maintenance.  With full support for useful life estimates and cost estimates at the asset level, your forecasts will take into account the best data from engineering and public works. 

Bylaw Enforcement

Our bylaw enforcement provides a full solution to municipal tickets, including on-street ticket entry, processing and payments.  From early discounts to late payments to reporting to ICBC license plate search, we provide all the tools required to manage your ticket processing more efficiently. 

Animal Licenses

Owner registration, billing and renewal processes encourage compliance with your bylaws. Full integration to property taxes makes it easy to search and cross reference owners.  Animal owners can also serve themselves with full integration to our Citizen Service Cloud

Cemetery Records

A digital solution to store and maintain plot, burial and contact records for your cemetery.  With customizable fields to match your plot maps and historical data, the transition from paper or Excel spreadsheets couldn't be simpler

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